Welcome to Qubanno Carraffee

Come visit Qubanno Carraffee Cafe, the shop offers a variety of house-made syrups such as lavender, mint and rose. Also served are pastries, including gluten-free, vegan and paleo options that are whipped up daily.


The Qubanno Carraffee Cafe was founded on the idea of being able to have a reliable place to go where you can work or relax and always find a magnificant cup of coffee or tea. The coffee beans are always ground fresh daily at the Qubanno Carraffee Cafe which gives the shop a wonderful aroma whenever you walk through the doors. Qubanno Carraffee also has a vary wide assortment of teas for you to choose from and enjoy.


Qubanno Carraffee gathers a wide range of beans ranging from southern Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt and many other places. Be sure to ask our baristas what our special bean of the week is and indulge in a wonderful blend that can only be found at Qubanno Caraffee Cafe.



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